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Shipping/Local Delivery

If I am not a local customer, can cupcakes be shipped to me?

Although we want to keep every customer happy, we are not able to ship cupcakes outside of our local delivery limits. We are still researching innovative ways to ship our cupcakes nationwide, so they aren't damaged when shipped to you. Stay tuned and you will be the first to know about us shipping cupcakes nationwide. Hey! you can still order other desserts.

If I am not a local customer, will my sweets ship the same day?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our sweets the same day. Once the order is placed, it is processed within 24 hours, plus shipping time. So it may take up to 2-3 business days before you receive your order. Freshness is guaranteed so it is worth the wait!

How long does local delivery take once I order my sweets?

You can contact us anytime Mon - Fri during our business hours to place an order, but make sure you give us at least 24 hour advance notice. We only make deliveries during the weekdays from 6pm-8pm, Saturday's (8am- 8pm) and Sundays (8am - 7pm). But don't worry, your desserts will still be fresh and delicious when they arrive.

What do you consider local deliveries and how much is the delivery?

Local deliveries are $10 in most cities in Riverside County/Inland Empire based on your current zip code. Other select cities we deliver to are in San Bernardino County, Orange county and Los Angeles county. Check the following prices below: Select cities in San Bernardino county: $15 delivery fee Select cities in Orange county: $25 delivery fee Select cities in Los Angeles county: $30 delivery fee


Your products look tasty, but why are they so "pricey"?

Thank you for this question! As experienced bakers our prices reflect the QUALITY and TIME we spend hand crafting our desserts. Our focus is to set ourselves apart from the sweets that you would purchase at your local grocer and we use high quality ingredients in all of our desserts. We spend a lot of time being attentive to every detail in our customized cupcakes, so they are one of a kind works of art - nothing you would be able to find anywhere else. At Elegant Impressions Bakery, we appreciate every customer that we have, and it is our promise to guarantee your expience with us will be a delightful and delicious one.

What are some of the quality ingredients that you use in your desserts?

Another great question! We use premium chocolate such as Ghirardelli and Guittard from San Fransisco, local organic fruits, premium brand unbleached flour, NON-GMO organic Almond flour, grade AA creamed butter, cage free eggs, and flavorful Madagascar vanilla extract. Our desserts set us apart from a lot of other bakers because we are known for having the "just right" amount of sweetness, especially in our moist cupcakes. And you know what? No more scraping the icing of off your cupcake! YAY!!


How do I store my sweets once I receive them?

Whether your sweets are shipped or delivered, you can store cupcakes at room temperature up to 3 days and refrigerate Macarons up to 5 days. If you do not consume them within that time frame, you can freeze your sweets for 10 days after purchase.

Can I place an order for a dessert flavor that is not available on your website?

Of course! Whatever creation of desserts you may have in mind, we can discuss it. Remember we are here to accomodate you! Just contact us at (951) 412-1650 or email us at: and we can further discuss some options.

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